About us

Sanford Wings International Preschool in Indiranagar is the best daycare in Indiranagar Bangalore that is completely dedicated to taking care of the world but with an approach that is completely different from the others in the market. We are a pre-school for children in Bengaluru working with the objective of providing top quality education and complete care for every child. We are also bent towards building family-friendly workplaces.

Thus, we have come up as the best daycare in Bengaluru with solutions for the requirements of both working parents and the employers. Our daycare program is something more than simply being a drop-off location for the working parents. We form the base for a child development that is completely holistic.

Top quality child care always has a major and a positive influence on the development and the school readiness of a child. It also helps in the emotional well-being of the parents and every bit of these features is readily available at our best pre-school in Bengaluru. This is what makes us the best kindergarten in Indiranagar Bangalore.

Shyla C.R.

  • She is a qualified engineer in Computer Science and an educationist. She has completed her engineering from Karnataka.She has long been practicing in the field of Child and Montessori education.
  • She has played diversified roles in taking up this challenge in reaching high and in rejuvenating into an institution.
  • She founded the Sanford Wings International Preschool to create a kindergarten school with a bunch of individuals having this strong passion about education and the ones who see the scope of nurturing the minds of the future.

Our core values

Learning & Fun
Our professionally trained teaching staff plan daily activities that encourage enthusiastic exploration of the learning environment.
Healthy Meals
Our goal is to safely serve nutritious meals that meet meal pattern requirements and are appetizing to children.
Children Safety
Keeping children of all ages safe and healthy is one of the most important tasks of our child care providers.
Cute Environment
To provide care and a loving environment to kids and also focus on quality preschool education.


Recognition, awards and appreciations are a wonderful thing and we have excelled in this field as well. Our teaching methods and infrastructure have received awards and recognitions.